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All Over It Records owner, ozzi hails from Sheffield and is known for his blend of classic vocal hooks and heavy basslines. Brought up on a diet of speed garage ozzi’s love for low end melodies grew from an early age.

Starting off as a drummer in a local band, ozzi turned his hand to playing percussion in night clubs throughout his student life for nights such as Hed Kandi. Once finishing university, ozzi started to produce music, and soon after he created All Over It Records.

Over the past couple years ozzi has DJed with some of the world’s biggest house acts which continues to be a vehicle for his productions.

Gaining support from big names such as Ben Pearce, Audio Jack, Hector Couto and many more, ozzi has a constant string of releases set in place to further establish his sound.  


ozzi - Interview (August 2014)

Hey ozzi, Looks like this year has already been a very busy year for you musically. How's things?

Yeah it’s been a crazy year. I’ve just finished a PGCE so that’s been keeping me busy in my spare time when I’m not making music. Just about to spend a few weeks DJing in Ibiza before the new school year in September so it’s all go!

We know you have been slaving in the studio and you have signed a horde of tunes recently, can you tell us what's coming up and what to expect?

I’ve got an EP coming out of Haratio’s label Natural Rhythm and another on Domino Effect due out in September. The release on Domino Effect ‘Always On’ is gaining some huge support already, so fingers crossed for that one!

I’m in talks with another really good label but don’t want to announce anything yet until it’s confirmed. With regards to All Over It Records, we have some solid releases lined up until the New Year, a couple of my favourites from Filthy Rich and Aaron Jackson!

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup, software and gear?

My studio is in my bedroom in our shared house. I’ve just got some Adam F5 monitors for my setup and hoping to rent a space somewhere eventually in town. I’m an avid FL Studio user and can’t see myself moving onto any of the others. Plugins I use all the time are Massive and Sylenth.


Can you tell us how you approach creating a remix?

Regards to a remix, I always try to put my own spin on it as much as possible. When remixing I try to create music that I wouldn’t normally create for an original track. So they allow me to sometimes go a bit heaver or mellower with more of a groove to it.

How did you get into DJing & producing music?

I’d have to say my older brother. He was also a DJ but played Hard House back in the day. So growing up with 1210s in the house and music constantly on got me hooked from a young age. So it went from there really. I’ve played the drums since I was 10, and drummed in many bands and eventually begun playing percussion at house nights. So that got me into the house scene.

After being a bedroom DJ, I wanted to get bigger bookings so I thought I need to start producing! No one would release my tracks, so I thought I need to start my own label! Looking back and listening to the tracks, there’s no wonder they didn’t get signed, but sold a few copies surprisingly! It’s been a good learning curve, because I got to experiment with different aliases and see which style of track sold more!

Which artists have inspired you over the years?

I’d say a wide range of artists inspire me. Obvious ones such as Dusky, BICEP and Syrossian, but more obscure ones such as Jah Shaka and Tara Putra. I’ve got to mention, growing up in Sheffield, I grew up around bassline because of the Niche nightclub, so artists such as BFL Project, High Jinx, LTD, Sharada House Gang and more played a huge role and still do in influencing my music.

Can you name your favourite venue to play and why?

My favourite venue to play has been Timbuk2 in Bristol. I played there a few weeks ago for a night called Banjax. Let’s just say that night was insane!

Where do you feel the future of underground house is headed?

The underground will always be there but the music will change. This year’s underground will be on the radio in a year (it actually slowly is now), so the underground is constantly changing. I have no idea where it is heading to be honest, but what I can see is a trend of people using more vocalists and sampling less.

So hopefully this will take off and people start writing lyrics as well as producing the tracks.

We notice you are playing a lot of gigs around your home town, how is the scene in your neck of the woods?

It’s really taking off in Sheffield to be honest. I know a lot of good people such as my best mate Joe Trotter who runs Blow in Sheffield is really doing a lot of work to book bigger acts and make Sheffield’s house clubbing scene a force to be reckoned with. The heart of all this is Fez, your typical dark and dank underground house club which never lets you down.

What is one of your favourite tracks of all time?

It’s really hard to choose but one song that always gets me going is Jonestown - Sweet Thang (Mustard Mix).

ozzi's Top 10 (August 2014)

1. SKMK - What A Night
2. Detroit Swindle - 64 Ways feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Detroit Swindle 65th Way Dub)
3. Rich Pinder & Billy Kenny feat. Rogueheart - Lost Soul
4. ozzi - Wanna Be
5. Patrick Daniels - I Need You
6. Sundowners feat. Mystic Bill - Jungle Line (Eats Everything Modernisation)
7. ozzi - You Can
8. Scuba Stew & Blake Brown - It's Ok (Matt Prehn Remix)
9. Jordan O'Regan - Easy Lover (Rich Pinder & Billy Kenny Remix)
10. Jaceo - Thurst